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Parents Portal: Why should your student study abroad?

The benefits your student can expect to gain from joining a study abroad program goes far beyond the curriculum material. For many students study abroad is a unique, life-changing experience. Students come back from study abroad more independent, confident and eager to take on any challenge, academic, professional or personal. Students gain a better appreciation of other cultures as well as their own, learn to creatively solve problems, and gain independence and maturity. Academically, a study abroad experience on their resume will distinguish a student from their peers in today’s extremely competitive job market. Students will develop qualities employers value such as willingness and readiness to adapt to new environments, an ability to look at a project or situation from a different perspective, and better acclimation to different corporate cultures. Study abroad programs have also been linked, through peer-reviewed sources to:

  • Build confidence (Lewis & Niesenbaum, 2005; Sachau et al., 2010)
  • Building cross-cultural awareness (Black & Dunhon, 2006)
  • Developing personal identities, self-image (Black & Dunhon, 2006; Angulo, 2008)
  • Enhancing intercultural competence (Clarke, Flaherty, Wright, & McMillen, 2009)
  • Developing effectiveness in Cross-cultural interactions (Clarke, Flaherty, Wright, & McMillen, 2009)
  • Developing initiative and adaptability (Curran, 2007; Norris & Gillespie, 2009)
  • Helping to understand one’s own cultural biases (Gammonley, Rotabi, & Gamble, 2007; Langley & Breese, 2005; Milstein, 2005; Mistretta, 2008; Williams, 2005)

Why should your student study abroad with International Business Seminars?

International Business Seminars has been planning short-term study abroad programs since 1976 with over 24,000 graduates. Founder and Managing Director Dan Brenenstuhl is a Professor Emeritus at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. IBS’s premium study abroad seminar will likely be the first business travel adventure your student will experience. Students stay in 4 star centrally located business hotels in each city vs. non-secure dormitories or hostels. Students will have the opportunity to interact with senior executives of several host companies, learning directly the challenges that come with running multi-national organizations.

  • Longest running Short Term Study Abroad seminar in the Business Field in the world
  • Experienced US Faculty Leaders
  • Average 1 leader per 9 students
  • Four Star Hotels – centrally located
  • Full buffet breakfasts included
  • Fully Staffed Travel Agency
  • Life-long bonds with students from other universities
  • Academic Travel Books
  • Meeting with Senior Executives of Recognizable Business Organizations
  • Registered with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program with US Department of State

At International Business Seminars, the personal and professional development and the safety of your loved one are paramount in all that we do. While we do whatever we can to ensure the optimization of each of these critical elements, it is vital that you (as a parent, guardian, significant other, or other loved one) ask the right questions of your participant in order to be informed and then subsequently prepared for the journey your loved one has ahead of them!

Here are some important tips to help you remain both informed and prepared:

  • Keep yourself involved in the enrollment and preparation processes by your loved one for whichever program they desire to participate in. This will help to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch (i.e. failing to get important documents, like a passport, before it is too late). In addition to that, it will give you a basic itinerary of where your student will be on any day of their program as well as make sure you are listed as one of their emergency contacts.
  • Make sure you have multiple avenues to communicate with your loved one and make sure that they have all of your channels conveniently available to them. (i.e. a small, handy address book)
  • Keep in regular contact with your loved one while they are traveling for general updates.
  • Stay abreast of current news going on in the cities and countries your student will be traveling in. IBS enrolls all students with citizenship to the United States of America in the Department of State’s STEP program, which informs American embassies of where exactly these students will be staying for the entirety of their program. IBS receives updates from the Department of State in case anything pressing were to happen, which will promptly trigger IBS to contact each student’s emergency contacts.
  • Be sure to have copies of your loved one’s passport and travel itineraries
  • Ultimately, IBS will do whatever it can to make sure that your loved one has a safe, life-changing experience but when it comes down to it, their behaviors and actions dictate their safety and well-being. With that said, make sure to have a conversation with your loved one about the impact their behavior has on the safety of themselves and others while also remaining cognizant of their surroundings at all times.

If you have any questions whatsoever, be sure to contact us by either phone or email:

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