Insights I Gained From Studying Abroad

Greetings! If you are reading this you are most likely in one of two boats: 1) You are considering studying abroad 2) You have already committed to a study abroad program and are wondering how to prepare for this undertaking. Kudos to you on taking the first step toward studying abroad! It truly is a fantastic experience that will change your life in good ways (including strengthening your resume)! In this article I will share important items that I learned while studying abroad in Vietnam and Thailand through IBS. Even if you are not traveling to either of these nations Read More

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International Business Seminars..What Does This Have to do With My Career?

The feelings of guilt for going overseas (when much of my family has never had the opportunity) were very real for me. I repeatedly was asked, “What does this have to do with college?” or “What does this have to do with your Accounting career?” by confused friends and family. At times, I even felt ashamed of acting excited, though it was a lifelong dream of mine to visit Asia. Here is a list of ways my China Seminar helped my education and career. These were the things I was unable to explain to my family prior to departure, but Read More

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Life after IBS – My Job Offer in London

As my last blog post, I have chosen to write about life after IBS. While the trip was nothing short of incredible, the experiences will last a lifetime and continue to influence my choices in the future. I have always loved traveling but IBS allowed me to see the world from a professional viewpoint and got me thinking about my future aspirations. I have always been infatuated with Europe and after my travels with IBS, I decided that I would love to live in a European city. I figured the time to do it is while I am young and Read More

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Clothes and Accessories Overseas

Here are a handful of clothing/accessory hacks I used to ensure my safety and to pack light. 1. Cross-body purse I liked this one from Travelon (around $30-$50 on Amazon, depending on color) because of the following features: • Zipper clip (so that nobody can get at your zipper when you are walking around) • Multiple pockets, especially the one on the back which is passport-sized (this is where I kept a copy of my passport when I walked around, and large bills that I had to carry but didn’t want to be visible when I shopped around) • RFID Read More

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Making It Last

Studying abroad is a remarkable journey that is full of unique experiences almost completely dependent on the traveler. The Summer Europe 2016 seminar had over 30 students abroad, and each one of us remembers those three amazing weeks slightly differently than one another. That was one of my favorite aspects of traveling abroad- the experience was as profound as it was unique to each of my fellow travelers. However, after less than half a year, it has already become apparent that there are tiny details that are already beginning to slip from my memory. I took hundreds of photos and Read More

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How To: Pack in Only a Carry-On

Words cannot express how excited I am for the Winter One Trip coming up in just a few weeks! If I could be on the plane with you guys, I would be there. But alas, going on another International Business Seminar was not in the budget this year. It was about this time that I started planning my outfits for the different types of days that we would be having on our trip. In order to pack in just a carry-on, you need to do this soon! You may wonder why packing in a carry-on would be beneficial, or even Read More

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How to Spend Money Wisely on Your Trip

In order to budget effectively, you want to start by looking at how much money you will be bringing with you abroad. I would recommend keeping this money on a debit/credit card instead of bringing cash because cash could be misplaced or stolen. If a credit card is lost or stolen, you can easily call the card service phone number to deactivate the card. You may also want to look into using a card that does not charge a fee for foreign transactions and has a chip attached to the card as some places abroad will only accept credit cards Read More

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One Thing I Wish I Would Have Done Before Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a great idea for so many reasons. It allows you to experience different cultures, you are able to get out of your comfort zone, and you are able to have the time of your life. When I was preparing for my time in Europe, I was so excited leading up to the trip. I was concerned about what I was going to wear, who I was going to meet, and what I was going to learn. One thing I was not concerned with was planning. If you are like me, going with the flow sounds like a Read More

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Capturing Your Trip

How to Capture Your Trip Immediately you probably think of the word “camera” when you hear the word “capture.” But what about videos or maybe even the souvenirs you’ll bring back home? Everyone remembers his or her trip in a different way. Pictures: Some students brought GoPros, DLSR Cameras, or simply used their cell phone for pictures and videos. Before I left for Europe, IBS asked me to make a promo video of our entire trip, including interviewing students after business meetings. I didn’t have a GoPro, and my nice camera doesn’t record videos, so I relied on my iPhone, Read More

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